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Regional cuisine

A la carte or according to new set menus, our cuisine is firmly anchored in our Mediterranean region.
At La Table d’Elise, all our foods are homecooked and sourced strictly according to season.

La provence à la Table d'Elise
La provence à la Table d'Elise
A journey of tastes and flavours

Achieving a sustainable and responsible way of consuming is one of the stated ambitions of the managing staff at La Table d’Elise.

The supply of fish and sea produce is far from illimited and many parts of the sea are currently being overfished. This is why Jean-Pierre and Alberte Escande have signed and committed to the
Mr GoodFish charter, which is supported by the Prince Albert II de Monaco Foundation in order to preserve biodiversity and our marine resources.

For the purpose of this programme, every three months, a list is drafted by a committee of scientific experts who take into account the state of the resource, its size, the season and the status of the species.

In love with his region and local products, our chef David Castoldi knows like no other how to renew traditional dishes without betraying them, by favouring the harmony of the senses and the seasons. With his pastry chef Lionel Abba, they form a tandem that will delight your taste buds.
La Table d'Elise © Aline Gerard
La Table d'Elise © Aline Gerard
La provence à la Table d'Elise

Not only our diet, but also our very survival on this earth depend on the health of our planet: water, energy, climate… taking care of our seas is crucial to the preservation of our ecosystem.

This stated ambition is also shared by chef David Castoldi and his team, who, three times a week, visit Condamine market in search of specific fruit and vegetable, often grown in small quantities by local farmers.

La Table d’Elise invites you to embark on a journey of flavours taking you into the heart of the Mediterranean. Sample regional specialties such as stockfish (a Monaco specialty), the socca of Nice, the poultry fricassee served in a casserole and many others, prepared with carefully selected ingredients by our Chef.

Amoureux de sa région et des produits locaux, le chef David Castoldi sait comme personne renouveler les plats traditionnels sans les trahir, en privilégiant l’accord des sens et des saisons. Avec son chef pâtissier Lionel Abba, ils forment un tandem qui ravira vos papilles.
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